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Infrared Boiler Thermometer for Boiler Temperature Monitoring
Infrared Boiler Thermometer

Infra-View® Infrared Boiler Thermometer is a patented, remote sensing infrared detector, supplied with a rugged protective-cooling jacket that can be permanently flange mounted on any port, door or penetration into the boiler or furnace.

In addition, a portable version can be configured to be used for on-site testing purposes in order to maximize boiler efficiency.

  • Infrared Boiler Thermometer
  • Boiler Thermometer
  • Boiler Temperature Monitoring
  • Flue Exit Gas Temperature
  • Furnace and Gas Temperature Monitoring
  • FEGT
  • Temperature Profiling
  • Gas Temperature Monitoring.

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Infra-View™ Boiler Thermometer
Boiler Thermometer
Infra-View can optimize your boiler by monitoring flue gas temperatures for: Startup, Sootblower and Slag Control; Low NOx; Fire Ball Centering; FEGT Monitoring.

Infra-View® Infrared Boiler Thermometers

Infra-View® Infrared Thermometers are remote sensing infrared detectors that are permanently flange mounted on any port, door or penetration into the boiler or furnace. The Infra-View patented design is supplied with a rugged protective cooling jacket that is factory assembled and pre-piped with an air cooler, purging and filtering system designed to work in most severe service environments. Customer supplied compressed air and two wire shielded signal cable is all that is necessary for operation when integrated in a 4-20 mA signal loop supplied from a DCS, digital or analog recording device. The Infra-View®; infrared "non-contact" sensor monitors flue gas temperatures in the boiler or furnace ranging from 250°F to 3,000°F (higher end temperature available).

boiler temperature monitoring
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Infra-View® mounted on boiler with an air actuated valve held open with cooling/purge air and spring to close on loss of plant air

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