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Infra-View® Infrared Boiler/Furnace Thermometers

The Infra-View® Infrared Sensor is a two wire 4-20 mA output intelligent device powered by 24 VDC with a maximum loop impedance of 700 ohms. The Infra-View has remote online addressability and accuracy to +-1% of the reading up to 3,000°F and is factory calibrated to an NIST certified standard in accordance with MIL-STD-45662. The sensor has a 30:1 field of view (FOV) indicating that 30ft from the sight tube there is a 1ft diameter field. Multiple sensors can be combined in a network configuration and terminated into a Distributed Control System(DCS). The sensor has the following adjustments that can be performed remotely for system maintenance and customization over two wire loop using HART® industrial protocol. The HART® signals combine simultaneous digital communication over standard 4-20 mA output cable. By utilizing the Infra-View programming software and RS-232 port or USB adapter, the following maintenance and customization features can be modified while units are online.

Maintenance and Customization Features:

  1. Condition signal to smooth out reading by adjusting the averaging mode out to 55 seconds.
  2. Adjust Peak/Valley Hold to 10 minutes for recording high/low temperature trends.
  3. Program Alarm Set Point (NO/NC settings with third wire)
  4. Vary temperature ranges for any high and low set point between 250°F and 3,000°F (121°C and 1,649°C)

SmartSensor Technical Specification

Infra-View® Infrared Boiler/ Furnace Thermometer is a patented "non-contact" remote sensing infrared thermometer housed in a rugged, compact protective cooling jacket. The unit flange mounts to any port, door or penetration into the boiler or furnace and measures flue gas temperatures from 250°F to 3,000°F via a4 - 20 mAoutput to any DCS, digital or analog recording device.

  • Power Requirement:24 VDC4 - 20 mA integrated loop (DCS Powered)
  • Cooling Requirement:15SCFM (Standard Plant Air)
  • Ambient Operating Temp: 250°F Max.
  • Field of View (FOV):30:1(i.e., 3 ft spot @ 90 ft)
  • Response Time: 100 msec(600 readings/min.)
  • Data Output: Digital 4-20 mALoop Powered
  • Accuracy: 1% of Reading (Max. Error + 30°F) NIST Calibration Cert. Avail.
  • Measured Temperature Range: 250°F to 3,000°F
  • Infrared Spectral Response: Heated CO2 Gas
  • Weight: 20 lbs (9Kg)with Infra-View® Valve: 27 lbs (12 Kg)
  • Length Overall: 21" (53 cm) with Infra-View® Valve:24"(61 cm)
  • Infra-View® Sensor: Intelligent2 wire4- 20 mA loop powered digital device that is field addressable utilizing HART® protocol preset to specifically detect infrared emissions from heated boiler/ furnace flue gas containing CO2 . On line maintenance and customization can be performed with a laptop or PC with Infra-View® Software and serial port adapter, anywhere along two-wire loop without data output interference. (Infra-View® Software is optional)


On-Line Programming Functions with Infra-View® Software

1) Peak Hold Mode: Measures highest temperature in FOV and and holds reading from 0 - 10 min.
2) Average Mode: Measures average temperature in FOV. Displays updated reading every 0 - 55 sec. (Stabilizes rapid signal output fluctuations)
3) Programmable annunciation alarm set point from 250°F to 3,000°F
4) Selectable temperature range (low and high end)
5) Fahrenheit or Celsius Outputs (250°F/ 120°C to 3,000°F/ 1650°C)
6) Internal Ambient temperature monitoring of sensor to prevent thermal overheating and damage.
7) Complete graphing function of temperature vs. time analysis.
8) On line temperature data logging function into ASCII database for export to Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 format. Descriptions and tag nomenclatures available.


Infra-View® Protective Cooling Jacket: Durable protective housing with flange connection supplied with integral cooling jacket, sight tube and air purge assembly. Protective cooling jacket is pre-piped at factory and includes air cooler, air filter and additional air purge connections for extreme environmental conditions. (Included)

Infra-View® Valve: Integral line of sight air actuated stainless steel valve mounted and pre-assembled on sight tube and designed to fail close on loss of air, in order to protect Infra-View® sensor. (Factory assembly only)

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