3 Methods To Check The Accuracy Of An Infrared Thermometer

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Accurate temperature measurement is crucial for the calibre of your products. Thus, precise measurement equipment is essential. Every stage of the annealing process in steel production requires careful attention to temperature. If the steel strip is not maintained at the proper temperature, the finished product may contain unacceptable irregularities. The next step is to check the accuracy of the infrared thermometer to ensure you’re obtaining the most accurate readings.

Any constant temperature can be used as a comparator to evaluate the infrared thermometer’s accuracy. To reduce the chance of a temperature difference between the inner surface and the base test hole, it is more accurate at 22°C, ambient room temperature.

How, then, can it be tested? For your pyrometer’s calibration, try these three methods.

Ice Water Test

Fill a glass only with enough water to cover the spaces left by the ice in the glass. Give the ice/water a minute or two to rest. For homogeneity, stir a few times. Hold the infrared thermometer at about three inches over the ice or water. 

Using One or More Trusted Pyrometers

Depending on the various applications of a pyrometer, multiple pyrometers are used for better accuracy. You can calibrate your new pyrometer to match the old one by using both to measure the same thermal energy region.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you use this method, you must verify your measurements with a reliable pyrometer. Adjusting your new infrared thermometer to match your existing pyrometer will only provide two repeatable pyrometers, neither of which can be relied upon for accuracy if you are unsure about the correctness of your old pyrometer’s measurements. Also, remember that using the same area for each pyrometer measurement is critical because various locations frequently have different temperature readings. Measuring the same area is the only way to guarantee accuracy.

Using a Thermocouple

Another instrument used to measure temperature is a thermocouple. Two wires of various metals are welded together at a junction to form this instrument. When the temperature of this junction changes, a voltage is produced, and the temperature is then determined using thermocouple reference tables.

Simply monitoring an object’s temperature with a reliable thermocouple before measuring it with a pyrometer is a fairly accurate thermocouple calibration technique. The tool can then be modified to reflect the precise measurement that the thermocouple has delivered. To guarantee proper calibration, measuring the same region with both pieces of equipment is crucial.

A Pyrometer That Is Right for Your Application

Using precise, dependable pyrometers is important, but choosing the best pyrometer for your particular needs is crucial. We want to assist you in learning how careful wavelength selection can enhance your procedure because we recognize that tough environments can make accurate temperature measurements challenging. Use our Pyrometer Selector to find the right solution for your temperature monitoring needs and place a request for a quote.

Use our Pyrometer Selector to find the right solution for your temperature monitoring needs and place a request for quote.

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