5 Most Common Industrial Temperature Sensors


Many industrial programs require constant temperature monitoring and management. An Industrial temperature sensor is used in particular to monitor the effect of temperature on the physical properties of a digital object through electric signals. Various temperature sensors are used for this purpose; however, their accuracy, temperature range, and application method differ. Read on to learn the five most common industrial temperature sensors.

Thermocouple Sensor

The thermocouple sensor is the industry’s most commonly used temperature sensor, with the greatest temperature level from below -200C to more than 2000C. Thermocouple sensors are often preferred because of their simplicity, user-friendliness, and response speed to modification in temperature. However, thermocouples have drawbacks in Combustion applications as they must sit in the flue gas path and are then subject to degradation. To construct a thermocouple, two different metals, such as copper and constantan, are crimped together at their ends. Thermocouples are used in various applications, including home appliances, automotive sensors, rockets, satellites, electric power generation, food and beverage processing, and furnace monitoring and control.

Infrared Temperature Sensor

Infrared sensors are self-powered devices remotely used to detect the surface temperature of an object by using thermopile technology. You can install them directly on transmitters, PLCs, conventional thermocouple controllers, and other readout devices. It is popular in the medical and clinical fields because it offers contactless temperature sensing. They also have other uses, including monitoring tire temperature during a racing performance, relative humidity measurement, web roller temperature control, thermoforming control, monitoring asphalt temperature, and controlling induction heating processes.

Thermistor Sensor

The thermistor is a temperature sensor fabricated from semiconductor substances. Most types of these temperature sensors have a negative temperature coefficient, meaning that for every decrease in resistance, there is a corresponding increase in temperature. Though few, thermistors with negative temperature coefficient also exists. Thermistor sensors’ advantage over every other temperature sensor used in the industry is that they have repeatability, higher accuracy, and fast response to variations in temperature.

Resistance Temperature Detector

The resistance temperature detector is a temperature sensor whose resistance varies directly with temperature. Similar to a thermistor, they are passive resistive systems that work by passing a constant current to gain an output voltage that increases linearly with temperature. You can make a resistance temperature detector e in a wire-wound or a thin-film form.

Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor

There are several Integrated Circuit Temperature sensors utilized to monitor and control temperature. They have various applications, including industrial immersion applications, telecommunications, CPU temperature control in computers, and temperature management in circuit boards. IC sensors have digital or analog output and linear output with no curve fittings. Other advantages of IC sensors include various communication interfaces, direct voltage requiring no additional circuitry, direct temperature reading on some analog devices, and low acquisition cost.

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