Infra-View® GBIS Generator Buss Duct Thermometer

Infrared Buss Duct Thermometer

The Infra-View® GB/IS Generator Bus Temperature Monitor is an encapsulated infrared sensor designed with components that are able to withstand the considerable EMF generated by the iso-phase bus bar.

Due to the high voltages and amperages, in excess of 24 kV/kA, the Infra-View® GB/IS is mounted on the bus duct in a direct field of view to the iso-phase bus, in order to remotely measure temperatures from 0°F (-18°C) to 1,000°F (538°C)

  • Specifically designed for uprated generators designed to produce greater MW output
  • Differing iso-phase bus temperatures indicate unbalanced loads between phases
  • Measure iso-phase bus temperature remotely and annunciate alarms conditions
  • Eliminate bus failure from heat build-up generated from loose arcing connections
  • Used for uprated generators where copper bus work has not been upgraded to match
  • Measure flexible link and transformer connections
  • Bus Temperatures are measured to within +/- 1.0°F or C with a span from 0°F (-18°C) to 1,000° F (538°C)
  • Temperature data is transmitted via a loop powered 24 VDC/4-20 mA connection directly to the control room DCS
  • Acquired data of each iso-phase can then be recorded into a history file for comparison to MW load and iso-phase bus temperature
  • Overall load shedding or inspections can then be performed based on this valuable data preserving the integrity on the iso-phase bus work

Infrared Buss Duct Thermometer

Infrared Buss Duct Thermometer

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Instructions and Documentation

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