Infrared Thermometer Uses: Electrical, Industrial, & HVAC


An infrared thermometer is commonly used in various sectors to measure surface temperatures by reading the thermal radiation levels. It is a non-contact thermometer primarily used to measure the temperature of a subject from a distance. To use a handheld infrared from a distance, you must point the thermometer laser to the exact spot you need the temperature measurement and click to display the temperature reading in units.

In this article, you will learn about the different sectors that use Infrared Thermometers and how they utilize them.

Infrared Thermometers in the Electrical Sector

Any equipment that generates, conducts, or consumes power emits heat. When temperature rises above maximum specified values and current flow becomes excessive, heat becomes hazardous. However, measuring temperature with an infrared thermometer is an effective and dependable way to foresee or identify electrical equipment and circuit problems.

The following are uses of infrared thermometers in electrical equipment:

  • Pinpointing tripped circuit breakers
  • Detecting sources of energy loss
  • Electric motors protection
  • Detecting winding flaws in transformers
  • Spotting the buildup of heat in lighting ballasts
  • Survey compressor head, fan motor, suction line and discharge line temperatures
  • Troubleshoot problems in power panel terminators, switchgear, battery banks, and fuse connections

Infrared Thermometers in the Industrial Sector

Infrared thermometers are frequently used in the manufacturing and power generation industries, where process temperature is an essential aspect of the production process. Similarly, for mechanics and automotive enthusiasts, infrared thermometers are a valuable tool for diagnosing parts and fixing overheating issues.

Below are other uses of infrared thermometers in industries:

  • Flue Gas Exit Temperature measurements
  • Combustion Optimization and Tuning
  • Routine temperature audits of generators
  • Detection of hot spots in motors and gearboxes
  • Identifying the surface temperature of moving machines
  • Detecting the temperature of hot or overheating machines
  • Routine equipment inspections
  • Quality assurance check on an assembly line

Infrared Thermometers in HVAC Application

In HVAC, infrared thermometers are used to diagnose issues with cooling and heating systems. An HVAC technician measures various parts of the system to guarantee proper operation. Likewise, in factories and large offices, an infrared thermometer is valuable to quickly detect problems in their system.

Below are other ways an HVAC technique uses infrared thermometers:

  • Detecting  compressor temperatures
  • Identifying leaky ducts
  • Isolating faulty insulation
  • Diagnosing other heat-related problems with an HVC system

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