Infrared Thermometers: Advantages & Applications


Particularly in industry, an infrared thermometer is frequently used. One of the benefits is that, without physically touching a process, it effectively measures the temperature. Accurate readings can be delivered, regardless of the fact that this type of thermometer does not actually come into direct contact with the hot flue gases.

In power plants, refineries, and other process applications, infrared thermometers have many uses. They’ve also been used in commercial establishments such as restaurants, offices, malls, hotels, theaters, and more. What are the applications of infrared thermometers and why, compared to traditional thermometers, have they proven to be more beneficial?

The following is some information on infrared thermometers including their advantages and applications.

Infrared Thermometers – What Are They?

Most everyone is familiar with a standard thermometer – it is a temperature measuring device. But to determine temperature, emitted IR (infrared) waves are sensed by an infrared thermometer. These are also referred to as non-contact thermometers because they don’t actually have to touch the object they are measuring. Due to their wavelength, infrared rays cannot be seen by humans.

Infrared Thermometers – The Advantages

Because infrared thermometers do not need to directly contact the object they’re measuring the temperature of, their usage has gained popularity. These thermometers are being used in more and more industries every day, including the food and beverage industry.

Infrared thermometers have proven to provide numerous benefits including the following:

  • Ease of use
  • They offer safety, accuracy, and accessibility
  • They are durable
  • Less wear and tear due to process gases
  • They have proven to be cost-effective
  • They provide fast readings, and more

Infrared Thermometers – The Applications

You’ve already seen, stated above, some of the applications for today’s infrared thermometers. Here’s a little more information regarding applications in which these measuring devices can be used:

  • Flue Exit Gas Temperature
  • Superheat Section Temperature Tracking
  • Economizer and Reheat Temperature Tracking
  • Combustion Optimization
  • To measure the temperature of furnaces, boilers, bus ducts, etc., different types of infrared thermometers can be used.

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