1. Application

What is your application?

Select the option that best matches your needs: Fixed Mount, Portable, or Generator Buss Duct Thermometer

Fixed, Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Medium: Combustion Gases
Temperature Range: Up to 4,500°F
Passive Reading, Low Maintenance

Easy way to read flue exit gas temperatures to help with startup/shutdown, slagging/fouling, heat transfer, and many more!

Infrared Boiler Thermometer

Portable Infrared Thermometer

Medium: Combustion Gases
Temperature Range: Up to 4,500°F
Great for system evaluation

Handheld Infra-View® Infrared Boiler/Furnace Thermometer comes with a sensor, carrying case, tripod, mounting bracket, and local digital readout providing loop power. Great for taking temperatures around the boiler before, during, and after combustion optimization projects. Verify your results and get to know your boiler better.

Portable Infrared Boiler Thermometer

Generator Buss Duct Monitoring

Medium: Ductwork Material
Temperature Range: 0 to 1,000°F
Easy to Install

Have an uprated generator but kept the old buss ductwork? Our Infra-View® Generator Buss Duct Thermometer will track buss temperatures and alert operators to protect from buswork damage and unplanned downtime!

Generator Buss Thermometer

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